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Childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease in Brazil today, yet treatments designed for a child’s body remain frustratingly out-of-reach.


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AACC is a grassroots organization standing at the forefront of the battle against childhood cancer in Brazil. Founded by José Marcus Rotta and his wife Wanir Leão Cavalcanti Rotta who themselves have faced this challenge. The AACC is uniquely committed to improving the lives of children and families living with cancer and its long-term side effects, as well as bringing ever-greater awareness to the need for new, more effective treatments appropriate for cancer’s youngest warriors. From providing the highest quality resources designed for children and families, to coordinating local assistance to families in need, to leading national (and even international) advocacy campaigns for greater awareness and ever-more research, AACC is dedicated to giving every child facing childhood cancer a fighting chance at a healthy, happy future.

Children with Cancer in Brazil deserve that chance

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